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Philosophy and Outlook

We maintain a simple philosophy at Ceyline Group, one that focuses and stresses upon the principles of teamwork, leadership and professionalism and a culture that is deeply rooted in training and development.

Ceyline emphasizes the development and maintenance of a core group of specialists who focus on specific areas of activity, practices that help ensure that Ceyline employees are able to meet the ‘best in the industry’ benchmarks.

The Ceyline philosophy, in summary, helps us to meet the rigorous demands and individual needs of our principals and customers and allows us to add tremendous value to all of our business relationships.

What is our company outlook?

Ceyline Shipping works with strong end objectives and a commitment towards providing our principals the best possible service levels. And in order to achieve these, we make sure that we,

  • Conduct our business honorably (A commitment to honesty and to deliver what we promise)
  • Encourage employee development (Demonstrate a true belief in the value of each individual)
  • Pursue excellence (We understand that the pursuit of excellence is a never ending process!)
  • Participate in public policy (To influence sound public policy by taking on a leadership role)
  • Intelligently invest our profits (Profitability is a great way to test and challenge ourselves!)


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